Solar Energy Pros and Cons

Let’s start with the cons.


Many prices around the country are still way too high to be truly competitive.  However, subsidies and a DIY attitude can bring the prices into a more attractive threshold.  In addition, there is still trouble in the solar panel world because lower prices on panels more often come from companies that are new.  And we’ve had so many solar panel manufacturers go out of business that it seems that new companies just don’t have a very long shelf life.  If you bought your panels from one of these now defunct companies, you have a manufacturer’s warranty that is not worth the paper that it is written on.


And not all installers are the same.  Just a few months ago I spoke with a man who had to replace his roof because the type of solar panel that was installed got extremely hot on the back.  The installer did not recognize the danger and installed the panel flush to his roof.  In fact, the panels burned holes in his roof.  Don’t you think that a good installer would know the characteristics of the panels that he is installing?


And then there is the paperwork……subsidies, tax credits, rebates, and warranties all have their own paper mountains and the information on manufacturer’s warranties will need to be kept in a safe place for a quarter of a century.


But now for the pros…..


Really, some of the negatives that we spoke about earlier are a hassle but who doesn’t want a tax credit that is a dollar-for-dollar credit against the taxes that you currently owe?  Isn’t this a really good thing?   I feel the same way about the time-consuming paperwork that goes into rebates.  Who doesn’t want to get a check in the mail for a purchase that you have made already?  So yes, there is the hassle of the paperwork to consider but no one gives you one dollar to subsidize the purchase of your pool or hot tub or refrigerator or lawnmower.


Moreover, let’s talk a minute about how life feels when you are moving closer to the goal of being off-grid and reaping the benefits of being able to generate your own power.  The power of the sun is free and if purchased correctly before you know it your own electricity will be, too.


The sun has no moving parts that break down.  There are no rolling black-outs.  No pipeline to burst.  No tanker to capsize.  No well to explode.  No radiation leaks that will haunt mankind for a thousand years.   No mines that ruin the landscape.  Yes, the power of the sun is free not only at your house but it is free worldwide.  So what kind of problems do you expect to arise when you are part of the first group of people in the history of the world to harness on a global basis the commercial use of a free power source?  The mighty sun is free forever.


See You Next Time!  Dr. Stripling