Who is anti-solar?

Let me start out by saying that I think that all forms of energy are important and at times necessary for certain uses.  However, solar has received negative criticisms that this valuable form of energy did not deserve.


There is the Loch Ness Monster, Big-Foot, and haunted mansions.  And along with these tales of fear and horror are the scary stories about solar.  A few years ago there were downright attacks that defied logic and were part of the Great Political Theater that has become a past time in America much like baseball.  Fortunately, most of the attacks on solar supporters were on Facebook which isn’t in the same category as the Spanish Inquisition.  So all I had to do was hit the unfriend button and that stopped the bullying – no swords were required….


Furthermore, I think that the Solyndra debacle was the catalyst that brought the anti-solar movement into a heated frenzy.  This was done all in the name of a good political show.  And those of us who were vilified due to our support of solar should qualify for PTSD.  But for the most part this is over now because even our detractors have found the benefits of solar.


What many have found is that energy security is critical to our national security.  In this era of power reliability problems, escalating costs, and national security concerns; domestic, on-site renewable energy generation offers eminent advantages over traditional central-station and fossil-fueled power plants.


For your information, bridges, interstates, ports, and even tourism is supported in some measure by public funding made up of precious taxpayer dollars.  And so is solar.  But unlike most of these other purposes, the day will come when solar does not need support from public funding.


Solar is one of the few forms of energy that allows individual families to lower the cost of their own electricity.  Self-sufficient and independent solar is assessable to all cultures across the globe.  This includes families, companies, hospitals, schools, and government across the board.  In fact, when a public dollar is used to support solar the Return On Investment can be calculated just like any other monetary investment.


Solar is beginning to proliferate in unexpected ways.  I find solar chargers for cell phones.  Portable solar sheeting that becomes little powerhouse tents for the camper or when simply laid flat, that same solar sheeting will charge the battery in a RV or keep the refrigerator going during trips to the beach or the mountains.


Time and time again, I have found that the two major costs of public or private operations are personnel and electricity.  My hope through all of this is that Decision Makers who need to lower their cost of operations will value the human capital within their domain and work to lower the cost of electricity before one more job is lost here in America.


Already there are hospitals and large facilities that are going solar.  This is being done because in spite of all of the political drama and name calling that has occurred during the last five years, the vista is clearing and administrators see that solar makes sense as an effective and inexpensive workhorse energy source.


Families struggling to make ends meet can be handed this affordable and reliable energy source and can make their own energy.  Solar is the only energy source that I can put in the hands of an individual and say, “Now go make your own energy.”


Solar as a whole suffered some setbacks when it was pulled into the political meat grinder but its value to our society is timeless as a universal energy source that meets the needs of individuals, families, and companies, as well as government on a global basis.  The time for solar is now!


See You Next Time!  Dr. Stripling